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About KAMB

Koperasi Atlet Malaysia Berhad (KAMB) (No Pendaftaran: W-6-0560) is the business and investment arm of YAKEB or National Athlete’s Charity Foundation whose principal task is to manage the welfare of Malaysia’s athletes.

Registered on 28 August 2009, KAMB’s primary responsibility is to generate and enhance funds for YAKEB and also to elevate socio economic levels of its members through profit-centred business and entrepreneurial activities.

Tentang KAMB
Yayasan Kebajikan Atlet Kebangsaan (YAKEB) yang ditubuhkan bagi menguruskan kebajikan para atlet telah menubuhkan sebuah koperasi yang dinamakan Koperasi Atlet Malaysia Berhad (KAMB).

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  • Victor said:

    Looking forward to see more development from KAMB, our former national athletes need more opportunities and privileges from the government and private sectors as they had been forgotten all these while. Treat them like retired government servant, free medical treatment for life, discounted fare for public transport, free entry for sporting events, government rate for hotel accomodation and joining of golf membership at Kelab Golf Perkhimatan Awam etc.. are some of the priviledges i supposed all the former national atheles are looking for.

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