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The Sustainable Agro Community project was initiated by Yayasan Kebajkan Atlet Kebangsaan (YAKEB) through Koperasi Atlet Malaysia Berhad (KAMB) with cooperation of IRIS Corporartion Berhad.
About IRIS Corporation Berhad
IRIS Corporation Berhad has undertaken to construct and manage this mega scale project as a turnkey project. Upon completion, this project will be country’s single largest sustainable greenhouse farm and the only one of its kind optimising renewable resources enabled by eco-friendly and eco-efficient innovations and methods.
Founded in 1994, IRIS Corporation Berhad (ACE Market:IRIS) is a MSC-status technology innovator and leading provider of …

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KAMB application forms to be members of cooperatives

Borang Permohonan Menjadi Anggota Koperasi
– KAMB Borang Permohonan
– Kelayakan Menjadi Anggota KAMB

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Quantum Automatic Quartz

YAKEB Limited Edition Watches – Multi-hand Automatic Quartz embedded with Scalar Energy.

– Stainless steel case
– Solid stainless steel bracelet with hard coat quantum ceramic
– Butterfly buckle 10.9mm
– 5 ATM water resistance
– Anti-reflective anti scratch sapphire crystal glass
– Swiss made precision movement model 9238

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Agro Autopot Systems

More information on Agro Farm Project
This is a brilliantly designed container growing system to revolutionise conventional ways of irrigation and fertilisation. Key to AutoPot Systems’ composition and success is the SmartValve which automatically waters and feeds plants on demand; without the need for expensive punmps, complicated timers or electricity supply.
As an eco-friendly fertigation system, Autopot Systems allows sustainable and consistent fruit and vegetable cultivation. Additionally, the fact that AutoPot Systems require no media for cultivation means crops are not exposed to soil borne diseases.
Distinct Advantages
- Watering

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Sinar Harian – 23/08/2010
KUALA LUMPUR – Sempena bulan Ramadan, Yayasan Kebajikan Atlet Kebangsaan (Yakeb) menyampaikan sumbangan kepada 11 keluarga bekas atlet yang telah meninggal dunia.
Antara penerima sumbangan terdiri daripada keluarga legenda bola sepak negara, Mokhtar Dahari, pelumba dan juga jurulatih basikal, Alwi Ahmad, penjaga gol, R. Arumugam dan Ong Yu Tiang, serta atlet paralimpik, Sani Harun.
Turut menerima sumbangan terdiri daripada keluarga Ballang Lasung, Kuda (Bala) Dita, Mohd Samsuri Shafie, Razak Othman, Ramli Ahmad dan Kamaruddin Mydin.
Lain-lain penerima termasuk 10 bekas atlet Negara yang memohon bantuan Yakeb, anak-anak yatim Sekolah Sukan …